ICF Block System

Fully protect your ICF with a single seamless system in 3 easy steps, rather than requiring layer upon layer of primers, membranes, peel n’ stick, drainage wrap, and protective board products. From the footing up, the monolithic Hulk ICF Block Systems leaves no seams, or joints where water can get behind the system.

Reinforce your foam

The problem with traditional peel n’ stick membrane products, is you can puncture them all extremely easily, and they are significantly compromised during back- filling.
So much so, that the damaged lengths can create chambers that hold trapped water rather than protect against it. Hulk not only adds an incredible amount of impact and abrasion resistance to your ICF, it also creates an ultra- durable shell of protection that keeps water out of your block and away from your concrete.

Step 1

Hulk WP

Hulk WP® is a cold-applied, single component, fire-resistant elastomeric membrane used for waterproofing.
Unlike many other waterproofing products, the coating is sun-safe and maintains peak performance in extreme temperatures. Almost zero splash-back and waste occurs during applications. Hulk WP® is formulated to provide ultimate hang strength when curing to 40 mils. Hulk WP® withstands UV, acid rain, salts, acidic soil, bacteria and is non-corrosive on foam.

Class "A"


>20 grams


Step 2

Hulk SRT

Hulk SRT® is a structurally reinforcing textile, made of quartz resin infused fiberglass, which has higher tensile strength/volumetric mass than steel.
When immersed in Hulk WP®, the combination forms a seamless cast of protection over your foundation wall(s). Hulk SRT® remains dimensionally stable even when experiencing high temperature and humidity fluctuations.
Thermal Protection
rot resistance
Dimensional Stability


Hulk System - Installation

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the installation process.
Depending on the application, any Hulk System can generally be installed in 3 easy steps. Once installed, your project or foundation will have vastly superior protection over traditional waterproofing or peel n’ stick systems. Don’t believe us? We challenge you to take a hammer to both and decide for yourself!
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Protect your project using our spray on HULK: WP membrane. No sagging or splashback, with options for high water table and blindside applications.

Combines the waterproof nature of membrane with the impact resistance of dimple wrap in 1 monolithic system.

Designed specifically to address cementitious sheathing and underground joints in SIP projects, eliminating all water access points.

When your timber structure needs waterproofing; the ideal system for leave-in-place shoring or OSB/wood-constructed foundations

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