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At Hulk Systems, we know that no single person can carry our aspirations. A handful of us had a vision, but to realize that vision whole-heartedly, we would need people on our team who could challenge our thinking, teach us new skills, and bring new ideas to the table with the ability to implement them into reality. Keep an eye on this page, because as exciting new team member profiles appear, so will a story of their journey that brought them to Hulk Systems.

We Are Hulk Systems

There’s a common phrase popularized by Isaac Newton, “if I have seen further [than other] it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants” that alludes to the idea that no successful development or step forward can be made without attributing credit to those who came before.
Hulk Systems wouldn’t need to exist if pioneers hadn’t been hard at work creating new building materials and solutions, driving new green building policies, and questioning the status quo. They created the landscape, which then created new challenges. Without our families, friends, networks, competitors, partners, and customers, we would not have ever been in a position to rise to those challenges. So for all those that support us in our endeavor to create greener, cleaner and meaner chemistry, and to those who lit the way, we are grateful.

Executive Team

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Brandon Carbol
Brandon Carbol co-founded Weatherskin Corporation in November of 2016, in which he holds the role of President and CEO. He has since spent his professional life as an advocate and active participant in delivering greener coating solutions.
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Cody Theilman
Cody is a generational entrepreneur and has always known that he wanted to create ideas that made a difference. He has been involved in oil and gas equipment supply, venture capital projects, and manufacturing of construction solutions.
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Trevor Kirwan
Born and raised in the industry, Trevor has spent over 25 years in construction working in the field of waterproofing and drainage solutions, constantly striving to find better ways to protect homes.
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