Quality workmanship. An understanding of your marketplace. A stellar industry reputation. Hulk Systems is looking for installers and distributors that match our brand.

Only Experienced, Dependable, Reputable and Proven Firms Need Apply

Since we proudly produce the industry’s top of the line waterproofing systems, we only want the industry’s best of the best to join our team.
Hulk products offer long-term protection for our installers, projects, clients, and the environment. If you aren’t offering the same value Hulk Systems is, as a service or materials provider, then don’t waste your time continuing to read on. That’s not to be rude. We only say that because our customers are our future, and we aren’t interested in aligning with firms that can’t properly take care of them.

The Path Forward

If you’re still reading, that likely implies that you may have what it takes to install or sell our systems.

We would love to hear from you. Keep in mind, by filling out the form below, you are only booking a 15-minute introductory call. If the outcome of that call is positive, we will invite you to a thorough interview with the Hulk Systems ownership team via Zoom or Google Meets.

If the interview is a success, then you and your team will have the chance to review our purchasing agreement. The package includes enough product, tools, sundries, swag and marketing materials to waterproof your first 5,000 square feet. Once your firm is licensed, you’ll be given access to an online training portal, where you can effortlessly certify your individual installers or salespeople annually as they come onboard your team.


Application Form

Please fill out the application form below, using the description section to tell us why we should consider you for the certification program.

You will be delivered a sample Licensing Agreement upon submission that includes a summary of all items and costs included in the offer. We look forward to hearing from you, and possibly working alongside you in the future!

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If you have what it takes, we are looking for only the best installers to apply our systems.
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