Introducing Hulk Systems’ New Partner Portal & Training Program: Unlocking the Future of Waterproofing

Hulk Systems Partner Portal Training

Revolutionizing the Waterproofing Industry with Comprehensive Online Training Introduction We are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Hulk Systems Partner Portal and Training Program. This groundbreaking online course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills to new installers in the waterproofing industry. As the first of its kind, the course is quickly being recognized and … Read More

Industry Innovators

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Who’s disrupting the norm? Who’s thinking outside the box? Who’s breaking down barriers and challenging the status quo? In the giant sandbox that is construction technology, we want to hone in on the people manufacturing and installing the next generation materials; and how they are driving these technologies to the greater marketplace. How are they building awareness? What obstacles are … Read More

Evolved – A Hulk Podcast

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Hulk Systems is ramping up to launch its first Podcast episode! The Podcast will be titled EVOLVED, and will dive into new technologies, ideas, and creative solutions in the waterproofing space. The real value focus will be in identifying the ways in which innovative thinkers, industry pros, material engineers and consultants are breathing new life into our market sector. We … Read More

Let’s Change The Game

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We have arrived! Now it’s time to get down to business. We don’t want to make a ripple or even a splash in the world of foundation waterproofing, we are here to make a tsunami. We are going to convince you to start choosing GREENER products, LONGER LASTING systems, SUPPORT & EXPERIENCE and unrivalled PROTECTION for your projects. How? By … Read More